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Storyline:   Gary Oldman stars as Detective Jack Grimaldi, who guides us through his troubled life after facing the deadliest and most cunning criminal he's ever dealt with. Grimaldi's double dealings only add to his problems, and when he meets Demarkov (Lena Olin), he thinks he can handle her just like all the other women in his life, including his wife. But Demarkov is different. She knows Jack inside and out and manipulates him mercilessly, always with the looming threat of ending the game by taking his life.
Romeo Is Bleeding
Year : 1993
Genre : Crime, Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Peter Medak
Top Billing Cast:  Gary Oldman as Jack Grimaldi Juliette Lewis as Sheri Ron Perlman as Jack's Attorney James Cromwell as Cage

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Romeo Is Bleeding Trivia

  1. Gary Oldman revealed in 1993 to an interviewer that he would practice the character of Drexl from "True Romance" on his lunch breaks while shooting "Romeo is Bleeding." He would then drive from the desert location of the Holiday Diner scene in "Romeo is Bleeding" on a Sunday evening and start filming "True Romance" the next morning in Los Angeles, with less than 24 hours of rest in between.
  2. Initially, the character of Mona was an Italian resident of New York. When Ellen Barkin dropped out of the project due to a real-life pregnancy, she was replaced by Lena Olin, and the Italian Mona DeMarco transformed into the Russian Mona Demarkov.
  3. Juliette Lewis was only on set for a two-week period. Nicolas Cage and Michael Keaton both declined the role of Jack Grimaldi. At one point, Madonna was attached to the project, but later dropped out. Al Pacino was also briefly attached to the film in the role of Jack Grimaldi, but backed out, followed by Alec Baldwin, who was set to replace Pacino. Gary Oldman was then given the script after a chance meeting with agent Jonathan Weisgal on a plane.
  4. In an uncredited appearance, Julia Migenes played the irritable bartender whose husband Jack Grimaldi sent to jail. Migenes was married to the film's director, Peter Medak, at the time, and this was the fourth time Medak had directed her onscreen, following "The Twilight Zone" (1985), "The Krays" (1990), and "La voix humaine" (1990).
  5. Glycerin was used to mimic sweat in the scene with Mona and Jack in the car on the dock, and Gary Oldman had trouble keeping it out of his eyes. According to an Entertainment Weekly reporter present during the filming of this sequence, Oldman emerged from the stunt car, "clutching his eyes" and asking, "Can this cause permanent damage? Do you think this can really hurt me?"
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