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The Best Of Everything

The Best Of Everything

Year : 1959
Genre : Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Jean Negulesco
Top Billing Cast:  Joan Crawford as Amanda Farrow Hope Lange as Caroline Bender Martha Hyer as Barbara Lamont Louis Jourdan as David Savage
About:  Caroline Bender, a Radcliffe-educated young woman, takes on her first-ever job as a secretary at the prestigious Fabian Publishing in Manhattan while her unofficial fiance, Eddie Harris, studies in England for a year. However, she soon realizes that her story is similar to other secretaries, who are either waiting to get married or biding their time before moving on to their dream job. Caroline's new roommates, aspiring actress Gregg Adams and the naive April Morrison, are in the latter category. As a secretary to the editors, Caroline must learn the unique needs and quirks of each one, including the demanding "witch" Amanda Farrow, the aging Lothario Fred Shalimar, and the understanding Mike Rice, whose best friend is alcohol. Along the way, Caroline, Gregg, and the other secretaries embark on a journey to find true happiness.
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The Best Of Everything Trivia

  1. Joan Crawford, a member of Pepsi's board of directors at the time, managed to sneak in a brief product placement for the soft drink in the film by installing a recognizable Pepsi vending machine (without the word "Pepsi") in the break room of the secretaries on screen.
  2. This marked the first time that Joan Crawford took on a supporting role in a film, reportedly due to being in debt following the death of her husband Alfred Steele in 1959. According to Diane Baker, a cast member, Crawford's role was further reduced before release, leading to the removal of a notable drunk scene by Crawford. Footage from this scene is featured in the DVD trailer.
  3. Originally, Joan Crawford was set to be the "hostess" for the movie's coming-attractions trailer. However, this plan was scrapped by Fox when Crawford insisted that a prominently displayed Pepsi-Cola bottle be included in the trailer.
  4. The film contains several nods to other movies produced by Twentieth Century Fox during that time. For instance, a paperback book rack seen in many scenes features a movie tie-in edition of The Diary of Anne Frank with Millie Perkins on the cover, and at one point, the editor mentions the upcoming softcover version of Sons and Lovers, a movie produced by Jerry Wald and released in 1960. Interestingly, Diane Baker co-stars in both "Anne Frank" and this film.
  5. The film inspired a short-lived daytime TV soap opera of the same name that premiered in 1970.
  6. In one of the movie's scenes, Crawford's character Amanda takes a phone call from her lover, who is canceling their date. Crawford wrote this scene herself after receiving her character's lines the day before filming, as she felt they were not suitable. She sought permission from screenwriter Edith Sommer to make changes and was granted it. Sommer was pleased with the new dialogue.
  7. In the opening scene of the film, Hope Lange's character Caroline reads a "Help Wanted - Female" ad in the paper, which displays the real-life address of the building in front of which she is standing and later goes to work. This is the Seagram Building at 375 Park Avenue in New York City.

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