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Storyline:   "True Crime" is a 1999 crime thriller film directed by Clint Eastwood, who also stars in the lead role. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Andrew Klavan. In "True Crime," Eastwood plays Steve Everett, a seasoned investigative journalist with a penchant for alcohol and a somewhat questionable personal life. The story unfolds when Everett is assigned to cover the impending execution of Frank Beechum (played by Isaiah Washington), a convicted murderer on death row. As Everett delves into the case, he becomes increasingly convinced that Beechum is innocent and that a rush to judgment may have led to an innocent man facing the death penalty.

The film is characterized by its exploration of journalistic ethics, the criminal justice system, and the search for truth. As Everett races against time to uncover the facts and potentially save Beechum's life, he confronts personal demons and challenges within his own life. "True Crime" received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for Eastwood's performance and the film's exploration of moral dilemmas but some criticism for its pacing and narrative choices. It reflects Eastwood's interest in themes of justice and morality, which are recurring motifs in his work as a director and actor. Fans of Clint Eastwood and crime dramas with a moral dimension may find "True Crime" to be an engaging and thought-provoking film.
True Crime
Year : 1999
Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Clint Eastwood
Top Billing Cast:  Clint Eastwood as Steve Everett Lucy Liu as Toy Shop Girl James Woods as Alan Mann Francesca Eastwood as Kate Everett

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True Crime Trivia

  1. Denis Leary stated that he had never watched this movie, believing that his head would explode if he saw himself acting in a scene next to Clint Eastwood.
  2. Daughter Francesca Eastwood, her mother Frances Fisher, her father Clint Eastwood, and his wife Dina Eastwood, all appeared in this movie.
  3. In the novel, the death-row inmate was white. Clint Eastwood changed his race for this movie to "make it more relevant." The book author deliberately chose to make the inmate white because it would be more believable that people would fight for him as witnessed in the Illinois State Freedom Project.
  4. The movie was a failure at the box office, earning back less than half of its production cost, and making it Clint Eastwood's second worst-performing picture of the 1990s after White Hunter Black Heart (1990).
  5. Playing Kate Everett, daughter of Steve Everett (Clint Eastwood), was Francesca Eastwood, the real-life daughter of Eastwood.
  6. Appearing in the movie as D.A. Cecilia Nussbaum is Frances Fisher, the former partner of Clint Eastwood, and mother of Francesca. The pair's relationship ended in 1995 and the two worked together four years later on this movie.
  7. The newspaper for which Steve Everett (Clint Eastwood) works, the Oakland Tribune, was a real weekly newspaper published in Oakland, California, by the Bay Area News Group (BANG), a subsidiary of MediaNews Group. Founded in 1874, the "Tribune" rose to become an influential daily newspaper. With the decline of print media, in March 2016, parent company Digital First Media announced that the Tribune would fold into a new newspaper entitled the East Bay Times along with the company's other newspapers in the East Bay starting in 2016.
  8. Although the original novel is set in St. Louis, Clint Eastwood decided to relocate it to his native California as he was more familiar with the territory.
  9. When Warner Brothers first optioned the book, they were considering George Clooney for the lead. Script difficulties held up production, and Clooney went on to other roles.
  10. Clint Eastwood's 12th movie as a producer and his 21st as a director.
  11. This movie was released two years after its source novel of the same name by Andrew Klavan was published.
  12. Currently, this is the last time Eastwood used the aspect ratio of 1.85:1.
  13. Debut theatrical movie as an actress for Dina Eastwood, former wife of Clint. Eastwood and television journalist Dina Ruiz married in 1996. This was the first of two of Eastwood's movies in which Dina appeared. The second being in Blood Work (2002).
  14. Dennis Richmond was a real-life TV reporter/anchor for KTVU, a local East Bay news service. He joined local KTVU Channel 2 in 1968 as a court typist and became a news anchor in 1976. Dennis was beloved and was one of the first African-Americans to become chief anchor of a major-market TV newscast. He retired in 2008 at age 65 as the longest-serving news anchor in the SF Bay area's history.
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