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Storyline:   "Wally Got Wasted" is a 2019 comedy film directed by Adam William Ward and Thomas H. Wood. The film falls within the genre of dark comedy and is characterized by its offbeat humor and unconventional storytelling. The story revolves around the character of Wally (played by Patrick Cavanaugh), a man who, as the title suggests, gets himself thoroughly wasted at a party. After a wild night of partying, Wally wakes up to find that his friend, Christian (played by Adam William Ward), has gone missing. Wally and his other friends embark on a zany and increasingly chaotic adventure to find Christian.

The film is marked by its quirky and absurd humor, with the group encountering a variety of eccentric and bizarre characters along the way. As they get deeper into their search for Christian, the situation becomes progressively more surreal and chaotic. "Wally Got Wasted" is known for its independent and low-budget sensibilities, embracing a kind of irreverent and outrageous comedy that may not appeal to all viewers. It's a film that revels in its unconventional and unpredictable storytelling, offering a wild and over-the-top comedic experience. While "Wally Got Wasted" may not have received widespread critical acclaim, it has found an audience among those who appreciate its unique brand of humor and are willing to embrace its chaotic and absurd narrative style.
Wally Got Wasted
Year : 2019
Genre : Comedy
IMDB Rating: 4
Director: Adam William Ward
Top Billing Cast:  Larry Hankin as Karl Diane Franklin as Emma Sally Kirkland as Marilyn Tuttlebaum Lauren Francesca as Jessica

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Wally Got Wasted Trivia

  1. Independent Production: "Wally Got Wasted" was produced independently, which allowed the filmmakers creative freedom and flexibility in their storytelling.
  2. Ensemble Cast: The film features an ensemble cast, including Patrick Cavanaugh, Adam William Ward, Aaron Groben, and Shannon Sills, who portray a group of friends caught up in a series of outrageous situations.
  3. Comedic Premise: The movie revolves around a wild night of partying and misadventures after the character Wally accidentally gets wasted on a stolen J├Ągermeister delivery truck.
  4. Heist and Comedy: The film combines elements of comedy and heist as the characters find themselves involved in various comedic and criminal situations.
  5. Cult Film Aspirations: "Wally Got Wasted" was created with the intention of becoming a cult comedy, featuring over-the-top characters and outrageous humor.
  6. Humorous Characters: The film includes a variety of eccentric and humorous characters, each contributing to the chaos and comedy.
  7. Rapid-Fire Comedy: The film relies on rapid-fire comedic sequences and slapstick humor, creating a fast-paced and chaotic atmosphere.
  8. Party Movie: It's often categorized as a "party movie" due to its focus on wild parties, absurd situations, and comedic excess.
  9. Limited Release: "Wally Got Wasted" had a limited theatrical release and was primarily distributed through video-on-demand platforms and home media.
  10. Audience Appeal: While not widely recognized, the film has found its audience among those who enjoy low-budget, irreverent comedies and are looking for a lighthearted, offbeat cinematic experience.
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