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Storyline:   "Corporate Assets" is a 1985 American crime thriller film directed by Martin Donovan. The movie combines elements of crime, drama, and erotica and is notable for its exploration of corporate intrigue and corruption. The story centers on the character of Patricia Johnson (played by the adult film actress and mainstream actress, Tish Ambrose). Patricia is a successful executive at a large and powerful corporation. As she climbs the corporate ladder, she becomes privy to the company's unethical and illegal activities, including embezzlement, corporate espionage, and sexual harassment. As Patricia becomes increasingly entangled in the corporation's dark secrets, she faces moral dilemmas and threats to her safety. She must decide whether to expose the corrupt practices of her colleagues and superiors or succumb to the pressure to keep silent.

"Corporate Assets" is characterized by its exploration of corporate corruption and its depiction of the often ruthless and cutthroat world of high-powered executives. The film includes explicit scenes of a sexual nature, which is typical of the era's adult cinema. While the film may be remembered for its adult content, it is also an example of the crossover between mainstream and adult film industries that occurred during this period. "Corporate Assets" is part of a genre sometimes referred to as "erotic thrillers" that were relatively common in the 1980s and 1990s. Please note that "Corporate Assets" is an adult film and is intended for mature audiences. It should be approached as a product of its time and within the context of the adult film industry.
Corporate Assets
Year : 1985
Genre : Drama
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Thomas Paine
Top Billing Cast:  Robert Kerman as J.W. Sheeves

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Corporate Assets Trivia

  1. Adult Film Industry: "Corporate Assets" falls into the category of adult films, which are primarily intended for mature audiences due to explicit sexual content.
  2. Director's Pseudonym: The film's director, Thomas Paine, is a pseudonym used by the filmmaker for this genre. This is common in the adult film industry to protect the identities of those involved.
  3. Plot: The film revolves around a detective investigating the disappearance of a wealthy businessman and his wife, delving into the world of corporate greed and sexual intrigue.
  4. Notable Performers: Several established adult film actors and actresses, including Kay Parker and Herschel Savage, have prominent roles in the film.
  5. Erotic Thriller: "Corporate Assets" is often categorized as an erotic thriller due to its combination of explicit content with elements of mystery and suspense.
  6. Production Quality: Compared to many adult films of the era, "Corporate Assets" received praise for its relatively high production values, including the quality of cinematography and sets.
  7. Reception: While adult films generally have limited mainstream critical attention, some critics within the genre commended "Corporate Assets" for its storyline and performances.
  8. Cult Following: Over the years, certain adult films, including "Corporate Assets," have developed a cult following among enthusiasts of the genre.
  9. Genre Evolution: During the 1980s, some adult films attempted to incorporate more traditional storytelling and production values, which set them apart from earlier, lower-budget releases.
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