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A Taste Of Honey

A Taste Of Honey

Year : 1961
Genre : Drama
IMDB Rating: 8
Director: Tony Richardson
Top Billing Cast:  Robert Stephens as Peter Smith
About:  Black and white, gay and straight, mothers and daughters, class, and coming of age. Jo is working class, in her teens, living with her drunk and libidinous mother in northern England. When mom marries impulsively, Jo is out on the streets; she and Geoffrey, a gay co worker who's adrift himself, find a room together. Then Jo finds herself pregnant after a one night stand with Jimmy, a Black sailor. Geoffrey takes over the preparations for the baby's birth, and becomes, in effect, the child's father. The three of them seem to have things sorted out when Jo's mother reappears on the scene, assertive and domineering. Which "family" will emerge?
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A Taste Of Honey Trivia

  1. This film was shot entirely on location in Salford, Blackpool, and a disused house in London that cost 20 per week to rent.
  2. Upon its initial release, the film was accompanied by a study guide on the "causes and cures" of homosexuality, which was later reprinted in Life magazine.
  3. Shelagh Delaney wrote her groundbreaking play when she was only 18 years old.
  4. Despite winning the Best Actor (Murray Melvin) and Best Actress (Rita Tushingham) prizes at Cannes, Dora Bryan and Tushingham were not recognized and were not allowed into the film's celebration party until film critic Alexander Walker saw them outside and managed to get them in.
  5. Rita Tushingham was chosen from over 2000 applicants.
  6. The film was quite controversial due to its portrayal of a relationship between a white woman (Rita Tushingham) and a black man (Paul Danquah).
  7. Rita Tushingham was working backstage at the Liverpool Rep when she saw an advertisement for auditions for this film.

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