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Storyline:   "Army of Frankensteins" is a 2013 science fiction horror film directed by Ryan Bellgardt. The movie combines elements of science fiction, horror, and alternate history. The plot revolves around a modern-day character named Adam (played by Jordan Farris), who accidentally finds himself transported back in time to the Civil War era. In this alternate past, Adam encounters various historical figures and discovers that a mad scientist is using reanimated corpses to create an army of Frankensteins. Adam becomes entangled in a battle against these monstrous creatures and must find a way to return to his own time.

"Army of Frankensteins" is characterized by its blend of historical settings, science fiction, and horror elements. The film incorporates the concept of time travel and reanimated corpses, creating a unique and sometimes tongue-in-cheek narrative. While the film may not have achieved mainstream success, it has found some appreciation among fans of low-budget and independent horror films. The combination of historical settings with elements of science fiction and horror provides a distinctive premise that sets it apart from more conventional genre offerings. As with many films of this nature, enjoyment of "Army of Frankensteins" often depends on an appreciation for B-movie aesthetics and a willingness to embrace the film's quirks and creative choices. It may appeal to audiences who enjoy unconventional takes on classic horror themes.
Army Of Frankensteins
Year : 2013
IMDB Rating: 3
Director: Ryan Bellgardt
Top Billing Cast:  Rett Terrell as Solomon Jones

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Army Of Frankensteins Trivia

  1. Genre Mashup: "Army of Frankensteins" combines elements of science fiction, horror, and fantasy, creating a unique genre mashup.
  2. Time Travel Plot: The film centers around a character who accidentally travels back in time to the Civil War era and encounters historical figures like Abraham Lincoln.
  3. Multiple Frankensteins: As the title implies, the movie features not just one, but an army of Frankensteins, each with different characteristics and abilities.
  4. Independent Production: "Army of Frankensteins" is an independent film, often allowing for creative experimentation and unique storytelling due to a lower budget.
  5. Low-Budget Aesthetics: The film's visual style and special effects might reflect its lower budget, which is common in many independent productions.
  6. Creative Premise: The concept of combining historical figures, time travel, and multiple Frankensteins is relatively unusual and adds a layer of creativity to the film.
  7. Horror Comedy Elements: While there are horror elements, the film also incorporates comedic aspects, especially considering the absurdity of the premise.
  8. Cult Following: Films with unconventional premises like "Army of Frankensteins" often develop a cult following among audiences who appreciate unique and offbeat storytelling.
  9. Character Dynamics: The film explores the dynamics between the characters from different time periods and how they navigate the challenges presented by the presence of Frankensteins.
  10. Visual Homage: The film might pay homage to classic horror cinema, particularly the Frankenstein mythos, while putting a distinct and unconventional spin on it.
  11. Critical Reception: Independent films with unconventional plots may receive varied critical responses, with some praising the creativity and others critiquing the limitations of the production.
  12. Experimentation with Genres: "Army of Frankensteins" showcases a willingness to experiment with genres, offering audiences a different kind of viewing experience.
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