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Storyline:   "Atlantic City" is a 1980 drama film directed by Louis Malle. Set in the iconic seaside resort city of Atlantic City, New Jersey, the story follows the intersecting lives of various characters who are all connected in some way to the city's underworld. The film centers around Lou Pascal (played by Burt Lancaster), an aging small-time gangster and former casino worker. Lou's life takes a turn when he encounters Sally Matthews (played by Susan Sarandon), a young woman who dreams of becoming a blackjack dealer in one of Atlantic City's glamorous casinos. Sally's dreams are disrupted when her estranged husband Dave (played by Robert Joy) steals drugs from a local mobster and flees the scene.

As Lou becomes infatuated with Sally, he becomes involved in the dangerous world of drugs, crime, and power struggles that swirl around Atlantic City. He finds himself caught up in a web of deceit and betrayal as he navigates through the city's seedy underbelly. Meanwhile, a young man named David (played by Michel Piccoli) arrives in Atlantic City from France, seeking a new start and hoping to make it big in the casino business. David becomes entangled with Lou and Sally, and their lives intertwine in unexpected ways. "Atlantic City" is a character-driven film that explores themes of nostalgia, lost dreams, and the clash between the old and new in a changing city. It portrays the contrast between the glamorous facade of the casinos and the gritty reality of the city's inhabitants. With its richly drawn characters and a captivating depiction of the city, "Atlantic City" offers a compelling and evocative portrait of a place and the people who call it home.
Atlantic City
Year : 1980
Genre : Crime, Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Louis Malle
Top Billing Cast:  Susan Sarandon as Sally Elias Koteas as Extra Wallace Shawn as Waiter Burt Lancaster as Lou

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Atlantic City Trivia

  1. Following the completion of filming, Burt Lancaster faced a life-threatening situation in January 1980 when he underwent a routine gall bladder operation. The procedure took a dangerous turn, requiring multiple blood transfusions to save his life.

  2. Many believed that Burt Lancaster would have won an Oscar for his performance in this film if it weren't for Jane Fonda's aggressive campaign to secure the award for her father, Henry Fonda, for his final film, "On Golden Pond" (1981).

  3. Several notable actors, including Henry Fonda, James Mason, Laurence Olivier, James Stewart, and Robert Mitchum, were considered for the lead role of Lou. Fonda's ill-health and associated insurance risks led to his rejection, while Mitchum's recent face-lift reportedly made the producers lose interest. Mitchum humorously remarked, "I just had my face lifted, and I only play under 45 now." Director Louis Malle appreciated Burt Lancaster's immediate understanding of the great part, stating, "A part like that, especially at my age, happens every ten years if you're lucky."

  4. Ginger Rogers was initially offered the role of Grace but declined, and Kate Reid ultimately portrayed the character. Rogers expressed her disapproval with a note stating, "How dare you! At this stage in my career, that I'm going to end up in this filth!"

  5. According to Burt Lancaster's biography, the relationship between him and director Louis Malle was quite challenging, adding an additional layer of complexity to the film's production.

  6. In the film, Lou mentions thousand-dollar bills, which were removed from circulation by the Federal Reserve in 1969. Today, these bills hold a significant value beyond their face value due to their rarity.

  7. The iconic elephant structure seen at the beginning of the film, named "Lucy," was originally built in 1881 as an attraction for Margate, known as South Atlantic City at the time. Despite its deterioration, the town's residents rallied to save "Lucy," and it is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  8. Actress Susan Sarandon and director Louis Malle were involved in a personal relationship during the development, production, and release of this film. They had previously collaborated on another film, "Pretty Baby" (1978).

  9. Lou references the song "Flat Foot Floogie (With a Floy Floy)" and creates a fictional meaning for "floy floy." In reality, "floy floy" is a slang term for venereal disease, while "floogie" is a euphemism for a prostitute. The song's publisher demanded a title change. Later in the film, when Lou is in a good mood, he can be heard whistling the tune.

  10. This film is one of the 26 movies to be nominated for all five key Academy Awards: Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Director, and Screenplay. Interestingly, it is one of the six films among these nominations that did not win any Oscars.

  11. Composer Michel Legrand composed an entire score for the film, but it was ultimately unused in the final version.

  12. Burt Lancaster received his fourth and final Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his portrayal of Lou in this film. Although he did not win the Oscar for this role, he had previously won for his performance in "Elmer Gantry" (1960).

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