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Storyline:   "Too Late for Tears" is a 1949 film noir thriller that follows the story of Jane Palmer (played by Lizabeth Scott) and her husband Alan (played by Arthur Kennedy), who accidentally come into possession of a bag filled with stolen money. One night, while driving on a dark road, the Palmers encounter a man who throws the bag into their car before being struck and killed by another vehicle. Greed takes hold of Jane as she convinces her husband to keep the money instead of reporting it to the authorities. However, Alan has reservations about their newfound wealth and wants to do the right thing.

As Jane becomes more consumed by her desire for the money, she becomes entangled in a dangerous web of deceit and betrayal. She finds herself pursued by a mysterious man named Danny Fuller (played by Dan Duryea), who believes the money rightfully belongs to him. Jane's actions become increasingly desperate and ruthless as she tries to outwit her pursuers and hold onto the stolen fortune. As the stakes escalate, Jane must confront the consequences of her choices and the dark path she has chosen. She becomes caught between her own greed and the dangerous individuals who are willing to do anything to reclaim the money. "Too Late for Tears" is a gripping film noir that explores themes of temptation, morality, and the destructive power of greed. The movie is known for its tense atmosphere, clever plot twists, and strong performances, capturing the essence of classic film noir storytelling.
Too Late For Tears
Year : 1949
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Byron Haskin
Top Billing Cast:  Denver Pyle as Youth at Union Station Arthur Kennedy as Alan Palmer Don DeFore as Don Blake or Don Blanchard

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Too Late For Tears Trivia

  1. If adjusted for inflation, the $60,000 shown in the bag would have a value of approximately $663,000 in 2021, highlighting the significant difference in purchasing power over the years.
  2. The UCLA Film Archive embarked on a meticulous restoration process for this film after discovering an original print in France. It took five years to complete the restoration, which involved piecing together segments from another copy to ensure a complete and pristine version of the film. The Film Noir Foundation generously provided the funding for this restoration endeavor.
  3. On July 17, 2015, the meticulously restored version of the film was broadcast on the Turner Classic Movies network, allowing audiences to experience the film in its renewed glory.
  4. The screenplay for this film was written by Roy Huggins, who based it on his own "Saturday Evening Post" serial, showcasing his versatility as both an author and a screenwriter.
  5. Producer Hunt Stromberg enlisted the talents of Lizabeth Scott, Kristine Miller, Don DeFore, and director Byron Haskin from independent producer Hal B. Wallis for this production, highlighting the collaborative nature of the film industry.
  6. A notable cameo in the film features Jimmie Dodd, the leader of the original Disney Mouseketeers, portraying one of the car thieves immediately after Jane abandons the car on the beach. Dodd is the individual who takes the driver's seat, adding a touch of intrigue to his appearance.
  7. "Too Late for Tears" stands as a prime example of independent filmmaking in 1949, as it was produced independently and subsequently released through United Artists, coinciding with a notable year for film noir.
  8. Wendell Corey and Kirk Douglas were initially intended to take on leading roles in the film, highlighting the dynamic casting possibilities that were considered during its development.
  9. Joan Crawford expressed interest in playing the female lead but ultimately did not take on the role due to disagreements over compensation, underscoring her belief in her own value as an actress.
  10. Author and screenwriter Roy Huggins drew significant inspiration from acclaimed author Raymond Chandler, showcasing the influence of literary figures on the creative process.
  11. Both of the film's female leads, Lizabeth Scott and Kristine Miller, enjoyed long lives, with Scott passing away at the age of 92 and Miller at the age of 90, both in 2015, leaving behind a lasting legacy.
  12. Upon its re-release in 1955 under the title "Killer Bait," the film was screened as a double feature with "Johnny Holiday" (1949), which was retitled as "Boy's Prison," providing audiences with a thrilling cinematic experience.
  13. In an intriguing detail, the film's opening scene features a night shot that includes a billboard with the message "Vote Yes on Proposition 24." This suggests that the scene was shot in 1948, the year when California had only 19 propositions on its state ballot, adding a touch of authenticity to the film's time setting.
  14. Due to a failure to renew the film's copyright, it fell into the public domain, allowing various versions of the film to circulate in the market. As a result, many available copies suffer from severe editing or poor quality, having been duplicated from multiple generations of the film, showcasing the challenges of preserving and distributing films from that era.
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