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Storyline:   "Deadfall Trail" is a 2009 psychological thriller and survival film directed by Roze. The story follows three men on a grueling trek through the wilderness in an attempt to reach a gold mine. The film explores themes of survival, isolation, and the psychological toll of extreme circumstances. The plot revolves around three characters: John (played by Shane Dean), a man dealing with personal issues; Pruitt (played by C. Thomas Howell), a survivalist with extensive outdoor skills; and Dom (played by Slade Hall), a young man seeking adventure. As they embark on their journey into the remote wilderness, they face not only the physical challenges of the terrain but also the mental and emotional strain of their isolation.

"Deadfall Trail" delves into the psychological aspects of survival, portraying the impact of stress and desperation on the characters. As they face the harsh realities of the wilderness, tensions rise, and the line between survival and morality becomes blurred. The film received mixed reviews, with some praising its exploration of psychological themes and the performances of the cast, while others found fault in its pacing and narrative choices. It is worth noting that "Deadfall Trail" is not a conventional survival adventure but leans more toward a character-driven and psychologically intense experience. Fans of survival films with a psychological edge may find "Deadfall Trail" to be an intriguing exploration of human behavior under extreme conditions. However, it's recommended for viewers who appreciate films that prioritize character development and the exploration of psychological themes over traditional survival action.
Deadfall Trail
Year : 2009
Genre : Horror, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 4
Director: Roze
Top Billing Cast:  Shane Dean, Rosalie Michaels, R.K. Anderson

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Deadfall Trail Trivia

  1. The entire crew camped out in Northern Arizona during the production of the film.
  2. The writer/director Roze ate a live bark beetle while preparing for the film.
  3. "Deadfall Trail" (2009) came about when Roze and Robert D. Guthrie were unable to find complete funding for another project. Faced with taking a loss or using the money they had managed to find, they tailored a movie to the budget they had available.
  4. The film was shot in sixteen days.
  5. "Deadfall Trail" is an independent film, often characterized by a lower budget and a more experimental or unconventional approach to storytelling.
  6. The film is directed by Roze, who has worked on various independent films and is known for his distinct style and storytelling choices.
  7. The movie falls into the survival drama genre, focusing on the psychological and physical challenges faced by the characters as they navigate the wilderness.
  8. The story revolves around three characters—Nate, Aaron, and Matheny—who embark on a challenging wilderness hike to confront their personal demons.
  9. "Deadfall Trail" is known for delving into the psychological aspects of survival, examining how isolation and desperation impact the human mind.
  10. The film features cinematography that captures the rugged beauty of the wilderness, emphasizing both the majesty and harshness of the natural environment.
  11. The movie employs a minimalist approach, focusing on the characters and their internal struggles rather than relying heavily on elaborate sets or special effects.
  12. While categorized as a psychological horror film, the horror in "Deadfall Trail" comes not only from external threats but also from the characters' internal conflicts and the eerie atmosphere of the wilderness.
  13. Independent films like "Deadfall Trail" often have limited theatrical releases and may find a larger audience through festivals and alternative distribution methods.
  14. Independent films can receive varied critical responses. "Deadfall Trail" has received praise for its atmospheric tension and psychological depth but has also faced criticism for its unconventional narrative.
  15. The film serves as an exploration of human nature under extreme circumstances, portraying how individuals respond when pushed to their limits.
  16. Survival films often explore the human will to survive and the lengths people will go to overcome physical and mental challenges, which is a central theme in "Deadfall Trail."
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