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Storyline:   Holly carries the burden of her mother's frenzied attack that resulted in the deaths of her sister and father. Although years have passed, she now faces conversations about motherhood. Unexpectedly, Valeria, who had disappeared for two years after being involved in a threesome relationship with Holly's friend Timucin, resurfaces. Valeria is now a part of a cult group known as the "Umbrella of Love and Mind," which is led by a man named Bruce. Valeria invites Holly and her husband to attend one of their seminars, where they are joined by their friends Asuman and Rich. During the seminar, Bruce invites Holly onto the stage, where he preaches about following one's body and embracing dreams. Shockingly, Bruce selects Holly to join their ranks for reasons that will soon become clear and regrettable.
Year : 2017
Genre : Horror, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: Can Evrenol
Top Billing Cast: 

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