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Storyline:   "Interrogation" is a 2016 crime thriller film directed by Stephen Reynolds. The movie follows the story of a federal agent named Lucas Nolan (played by Adam Copeland) who is tasked with interrogating a young man named Aden (played by CJ Perry) in order to uncover the whereabouts of a dangerous terrorist cell. The movie takes place entirely within the confines of the interrogation room, and we see the intense back-and-forth between Nolan and Aden as they try to outmaneuver each other. As the interrogation progresses, we learn more about Aden's past and his connection to the terrorist cell. Nolan must navigate a web of lies and half-truths in order to get the information he needs to prevent an attack.

As the tension between the two men grows, the movie explores themes of loyalty, trust, and morality. We see how Nolan's own past experiences have shaped his worldview, and how Aden's desperation to protect those he cares about has led him down a dangerous path. The movie builds to a thrilling climax as the true intentions of both Nolan and Aden are revealed, and the race to prevent the terrorist attack reaches its conclusion. "Interrogation" is a taut and intense thriller that offers a unique perspective on the world of counterterrorism and the sacrifices that are made in the pursuit of justice. With strong performances from the cast and a gripping story, the movie keeps the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end.
Year : 2016
Genre : Action, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: Stephen Reynolds
Top Billing Cast:  Julia Benson as Sara Ward Erica Carroll as Joan Marian Patrick Sabongui as Vasti C.J. Perry as Becky

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Interrogation Trivia

  1. "Interrogation" is a crime thriller film directed by Stephen Reynolds, known for his work on TV series like "Treadstone" and "The Blacklist."
  2. The movie stars Adam Copeland (better known by his WWE ring name, Edge) and C.J. Perry (better known by her WWE ring name, Lana) in the lead roles.
  3. "Interrogation" was shot in one continuous take, meaning that the entire movie was filmed in one long shot without any cuts.
  4. The movie was shot on location in a real police station, which added to the authenticity of the film.
  5. The film's plot centers around a detective who must interrogate a young man suspected of murder, while also dealing with his own personal demons.
  6. "Interrogation" premiered at the American Film Market in 2016, where it was picked up for distribution by WWE Studios.
  7. The movie was released in select theaters and on digital platforms on September 20, 2016.
  8. "Interrogation" received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its innovative
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