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Storyline:   "Shattered" is a psychological thriller film released in 1991 that follows the story of a successful businessman named Dan Merrick, who is involved in a car accident that leaves him with amnesia and a disfigured face. As Dan struggles to piece together his fragmented memories and identity, he begins to suspect that his accident was not a mere coincidence. He becomes increasingly paranoid and mistrustful of those around him, including his wife, Judith, and his friend and business partner, Gus Klein.

As Dan delves deeper into his past, he uncovers a web of lies and deception that threatens to destroy his life. He discovers that his marriage and business were built on a foundation of deceit, and he becomes embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with those who seek to control him. The film builds to a thrilling and suspenseful climax, as Dan races against time to uncover the truth about his past and prevent those who seek to harm him from succeeding. "Shattered" is a taut and suspenseful film, with standout performances by its lead actors, including Tom Berenger as Dan Merrick and Bob Hoskins as Gus Klein. The film explores themes such as memory, identity, and the nature of reality, and it keeps audiences guessing until the very end.
Year : 1991
Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Top Billing Cast:  Joanne Whalley as Jenny Scott Tom Berenger as Dan Merrick Bob Hoskins as Gus Klein Corbin Bernsen as Jeb Scott

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Shattered Trivia

  1. The novel "The Plastic Nightmare" by Richard Neely, which the movie is based on, was published in 1969.
  2. Despite what some publicity for the movie suggested, Wolfgang Petersen had directed Enemy Mine (1985) six years prior to Shattered (1991).
  3. The car crash scene in the movie was filmed using a custom-built "gun" and involved six cameras and several rope-secured technicians.
  4. Greta Scacchi, known for her on-screen nudity in previous roles, had reservations about another nude scene in Shattered (1991) with Tom Berenger.
  5. Nicole Kidman was considered for the role of Judith Merrick, but it was ultimately given to Greta Scacchi.
  6. Shattered (1991) is part of a cycle of thrillers from the early 1990s that feature husband-and-wife characters.
  7. William Hurt was originally set to star as Dan Merrick, but the role went to Tom Berenger.
  8. Shattered (1991) is part of a cycle of suspense-thriller movies from the early 1990s in Hollywood.
  9. The Hacienda was the name of the hotel where the movie was set, located in Ross, Marin County, CA.
  10. Wolfgang Petersen had been considering Shattered (1991) even before the success of Das Boot (1981) ten years earlier, according to "Variety".
  11. Tom Berenger and Corbin Bernsen, who both starred in Major League (1989), reunited in Shattered (1991) and later again in Major League II (1994).
  12. The movie has been featured on the comedy podcast How Did This Get Made.
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