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Storyline:   "Stormhouse 2011" presents a chilling tale set in a secretive government facility known as "Stormhouse." The facility is a highly classified prison designed to contain and study supernatural entities captured by the military. The story follows a team of soldiers assigned to guard the facility as they face off against a mysterious and malevolent force that threatens to break free. At the heart of the story is Captain Kate Bowman, a hardened military officer with a troubled past. She is tasked with leading the security detail at Stormhouse, a job she approaches with stoic determination. Alongside her is Sergeant Mike Ramsey, a seasoned soldier who harbors doubts about the true nature of their mission.

As a storm rages outside, tensions escalate within Stormhouse when the prisoners, referred to as "subjects," start exhibiting increasingly violent and otherworldly behavior. It becomes clear that the facility is not just containing the entities but actively experimenting on them, seeking to harness their powers for military purposes. Kate and her team find themselves battling not only the supernatural forces within Stormhouse but also the shadowy figures behind the facility's operations. With time running out and their sanity hanging by a thread, they must uncover the truth behind Stormhouse and find a way to survive the night.
Year : 2011
IMDB Rating: 4
Director: Dan Turner
Top Billing Cast:  Katherine Flynn, Grant Masters, Patrick Flynn

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Stormhouse Trivia

  1. "Stormhouse" is a 2011 British supernatural horror film directed by Dan Turner.
  2. The film primarily utilizes a found footage-style cinematography to tell its story, adding to the tension and immersion for viewers.
  3. Set in a secret government facility, the movie explores paranormal experiments conducted on captured entities.
  4. The story unfolds within the confines of a remote and isolated underground bunker, enhancing the atmosphere of claustrophobia and suspense.
  5. Themes of guilt, trauma, and the consequences of meddling with supernatural forces are central to the plot of "Stormhouse."
  6. Despite its limited budget, the film employs creative practical effects and atmospheric lighting to create chilling and unsettling moments.
  7. The cast includes actors such as Grant Masters, Patrick Flynn, and Grahame Fox, who deliver compelling performances amidst the supernatural chaos.
  8. "Stormhouse" received mixed reviews from critics upon its release but garnered praise for its original concept and effective scares.
  9. While not a box office hit, the movie has developed a cult following among horror enthusiasts for its inventive take on the haunted house subgenre and its thought-provoking themes.
  10. The film's title, "Stormhouse," alludes to the storm of supernatural activity unleashed within the confines of the government facility.
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