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Storyline:   "Sweeney!" is a 1977 British crime drama film directed by David Wickes. It is based on the popular 1970s British television series "The Sweeney," which followed the exploits of two tough and unorthodox detectives working for the Flying Squad, a division of the London Metropolitan Police specializing in armed robbery and violent crime. The film stars John Thaw as Detective Inspector Jack Regan and Dennis Waterman as Detective Sergeant George Carter, the two central characters from the television series. In "Sweeney!", Regan and Carter are tasked with investigating a violent armed robbery at a bank, which leads them into a complex and dangerous case involving both criminals and corrupt law enforcement officials.

The film is characterized by its gritty depiction of London and its realistic portrayal of police work. "Sweeney!" is known for its action sequences, car chases, and the tough, no-nonsense attitude of its lead characters. The film captures the spirit of 1970s British crime dramas and the tough, working-class ethos of its central characters. The title "Sweeney" is British slang derived from "Sweeney Todd," rhyming slang for the Flying Squad. The Flying Squad was known for its aggressive and unorthodox methods in dealing with violent criminals, and the film reflects this reputation. "Sweeney!" is considered a classic of the British crime genre and is appreciated for its portrayal of the tough and uncompromising world of 1970s law enforcement. It's part of a larger cultural phenomenon associated with "The Sweeney" and the tough cop drama of the era.
Year : 1977
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: David Wickes
Top Billing Cast:  John Thaw as D.I. Jack Regan Nick Brimble as D.S. Burtonshaw Ian Bannen as Charles Baker Brian Glover as Mac

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Sweeney! Trivia

  1. "The Sweeney" was the first British movie to be legally shown in Communist China.
  2. The movie was filmed during April and May 1976.
  3. The character Haskins, played by Garfield Morgan in the TV series, was initially intended to appear in the film. However, Morgan rejected the project, and the character was renamed Matthews, with Bernard Kay cast in the role.
  4. Denis King's score for the film incorporated the first three key notes from Harry South's television theme song.
  5. The character Carter's preferred bathroom reading is the satirical "Private Eye Magazine."
  6. The production shoot for the movie lasted for five weeks.
  7. "The Sweeney" is the debut cinema movie produced by U.K. production house Euston Films, known primarily for television shows.
  8. The police unit in the film, "The Flying Squad," is based on a real division within London's Metropolitan Police Service that investigates commercial armed robberies and other serious armed crimes.
  9. According to Dennis Waterman's autobiography, he and John Thaw "didn't like 'Sweeney!' very much."
  10. The movie's storyline was serialized in the London newspaper, the "Evening News," as a promotional tie-in.
  11. "The Sweeney" and its sequel, "Sweeney 2," are spin-offs from the television series "The Sweeney" and were released while the TV series was still being broadcast.
  12. The location of Media Incorporated, the company controlled by Elliott McQueen, was the penthouse suite at Alembic House, 93 Albert Embankment, London, which had been recently bought by author Jeffrey Archer.
  13. The closing credits state that the movie was filmed at various locations in London, including the offices of Willis, Faber, and Dumas Ltd., Trinity Square, and St. Katharine Haven adjoining the World Trade Centre.
  14. "The Sweeney" is technically a science fiction film set in 1979 and features Britain as a member of a fictitious OPEC-type organization for North Sea oil.
  15. This was the debut cinema movie produced by Ted Childs.
  16. "The Sweeney" was the first of two movies in the franchise, with the sequel "Sweeney 2" featuring both John Thaw and Dennis Waterman as equal partners, similar to the TV series.
  17. Neither "The Sweeney" nor "Sweeney 2" used the word "The" in their titles, unlike the source television series "The Sweeney." This change was only made with "The Sweeney" (2012).
  18. The film was influenced by the Profumo Scandal, a political scandal in Britain more than a decade before it was made. The film also addressed the contemporary issue of energy and oil usage.
  19. The character Regan was suspended on April 27th in the film's storyline.
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