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Storyline:   "Blue Hawaii" is a 1961 musical comedy film starring Elvis Presley and directed by Norman Taurog. It's one of several movies that Elvis made during his career, and it's known for its catchy music, scenic Hawaiian locations, and the charismatic performance of Presley. The film tells the story of Chadwick "Chad" Gates, a soldier who has just been discharged from the Army. Chad returns to his home in Hawaii, where he plans to take a break before committing to a more traditional post-military career. He is torn between his family's expectations and his desire to follow his passion for music. Along the way, Chad gets involved in various romantic entanglements and adventures, set against the backdrop of Hawaii's stunning scenery.

"Blue Hawaii" features a soundtrack that includes several Elvis Presley hits, such as "Can't Help Falling in Love" and "Blue Hawaii," which have become iconic songs associated with the singer. The film is known for its lighthearted and entertaining musical numbers. Elvis Presley's performance in "Blue Hawaii" contributed to his status as a pop culture icon. The movie was popular with audiences at the time of its release and remains a beloved classic among Elvis fans. It's also credited with popularizing Hawaii as a vacation destination. While "Blue Hawaii" is not known for its complex plot or deep themes, it is celebrated for its enjoyable music and Elvis's charm on screen. It's considered a representative example of the musical comedies that were a significant part of Elvis Presley's film career.
Blue Hawaii
Year : 1961
Genre : Comedy, Musical
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Norman Taurog
Top Billing Cast:  Angela Lansbury as Sarah Lee Gates Elvis Presley as Chad Gates Red West as Party Guest Howard McNear as Mr. Chapman

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Blue Hawaii Trivia

  1. "Blue Hawaii" was the first of several movies in which Angela Lansbury played a mother. Her role in this film was quite different from her "mother-from-hell" role in "The Manchurian Candidate" (1962).
  2. It was the most financially successful of all of Elvis Presley's movies.
  3. The film includes actual recordings of hundreds of screaming fans who watched the shoot during Elvis Presley's arrival scene.
  4. The success of "Blue Hawaii" influenced the blueprint for future Elvis Presley movies, which included exotic settings, pretty co-stars, and a significant number of songs.
  5. The soundtrack album of the movie was Elvis Presley's most successful chart album and was the number-one album overall for 1961.
  6. Juliet Prowse, who co-starred with Elvis Presley in "G.I. Blues" (1960), was originally cast for a role in "Blue Hawaii" but withdrew from the project due to specific conditions not being met.
  7. The red MG roadster featured in the opening scene was liked so much by Elvis Presley that he bought it, and it is now housed in Graceland's car museum.
  8. Elvis Presley gave his ukulele from the movie to Hank Garland, a famous session guitarist in Nashville.
  9. The patch on Chad's uniform is from the 3rd Armored Division of the US Army, which was Elvis Presley's actual military unit during his service in Germany.
  10. Patti Page, a popular singer, briefly appears as an extra in a canoe during a scene in the movie.
  11. The picnic scene was filmed at an overlook off of Tantalus Drive, providing a view that can still be enjoyed today and is a popular wedding location.
  12. Elvis Presley and Joan Blackman appeared as romantic interests for the second time in "Kid Galahad" (1962).
  13. On June 30, 2021, it was announced that the Coco Palms, a filming location for the Hawaiian Love Song number, would be demolished.
  14. Angela Lansbury replaced Dolores del Rio in the film.
  15. The movie was set in Kahala, a neighborhood of wealthy and opulent homes near Diamond Head, which later became the location of the luxurious Kahala Hilton.
  16. Joan Blackman, who played Maile, mentioned that there was a special connection between her and Elvis Presley during the filming of "Blue Hawaii."
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