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Storyline:   In the Carpathian Mountains of communist Romania, a rock church that collapsed decades ago, burying all those inside, is now the subject of exploration by Dr. Nicolai's scientific team. Their goal is to uncover the Templar Knights' legendary monster-fighting secrets. During the exploration, the team discovers a vast, flooded cave system and enlists the help of the expert diving duo, brothers Jack and Tyler, to explore it. However, a sudden explosion traps them inside, revealing a mysterious parasite that has transformed all species into carnivores, including a new and dangerous predator species. As the group struggles to escape the cave, they are relentlessly hunted by these creatures, some of which can fly. To make matters worse, Jack may be infected with the parasite, but Tyler refuses to abandon him. Ultimately, the group splits up in a desperate bid for survival.
The Cave
Year : 2005
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: Bruce Hunt
Top Billing Cast:  Lena Headey as Dr. Kathryn Jennings Piper Perabo as Charlie Morris Chestnut as Top Buchanan Daniel Dae Kim as Alex Kim

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The Cave Trivia

  1. The film claims to have some basis in truth because new micro-ecologies have been discovered in deep caves, especially in Romania. According to film consultant Dr. Christi Lascu (acclaimed speleologist and Romanian editor of National Geographic magazine), 35 brand new species were found in the Movila Caves in the late-1980s. Among the species found was a 10cm centipede with a venomous bite. There was nothing the size of the creature in the movie, but in theory, there is not a limit for the size of animals living down there.
  2. A 750,000 gallon tank was created to shoot underwater photography.
  3. Filmed mainly in Romania, a country with over 12,000 registered caves.
  4. Andrew Mason, one of the film's producers, says they hired some of the world's greatest cave divers as consultants in order to keep the movie as technically plausible as possible.
  5. The V.S.S.F. tattoo stands for "Verband Schweizerischer Sprengfachleute" or "Swiss Society of Explosive Engineers". Hence why it was tattooed on the man laying explosives.
  6. The actors sometimes had to spend up to 10 - 12 hours a day in a wetsuit, constantly in and out of the water.
  7. Released on the same year as The Descent (2005), another horror movie involving people being attacked by monsters in a cave.
  8. One of the scenes at the beginning of the movie uses the same set as Underworld: Evolution.
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