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Storyline:   "The Glass Key" is a 1942 film noir crime drama directed by Stuart Heisler, based on Dashiell Hammett's novel of the same name. The movie revolves around political corruption, loyalty, and a murder investigation that entangles the lives of several key characters. The story follows Ed Beaumont (played by Alan Ladd), a loyal right-hand man to Paul Madvig (played by Brian Donlevy), a charismatic political boss with aspirations of higher office. When Madvig becomes romantically involved with Janet Henry (played by Veronica Lake), the daughter of a powerful newspaper publisher, the political stakes get even higher. Trouble arises when Janet's brother, Taylor Henry (played by Richard Denning), is found dead. Madvig becomes the prime suspect, and Ed sets out to clear his boss's name. He starts an investigation to uncover the truth behind the murder, leading him into a dangerous web of deceit, betrayal, and hidden agendas. As Ed delves deeper into the case, he discovers shocking secrets about the powerful and corrupt figures in the city's political and criminal circles. Along the way, he forms a complex bond with Janet, adding further complications to the already intricate plot.

"The Glass Key" is a classic film noir that exemplifies the genre's moody and atmospheric style. It combines elements of mystery, intrigue, and suspense, highlighting the moral ambiguity of its characters and the murky world they inhabit. Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake, who were known for their on-screen chemistry, deliver strong performances, adding depth and intrigue to their characters' interactions. Brian Donlevy brings a commanding presence to his portrayal of Paul Madvig, a complex character whose loyalties are constantly tested. The film's screenplay and direction effectively capture the essence of Dashiell Hammett's hard-boiled crime novel, infusing the movie with the tense and shadowy atmosphere typical of film noir. Overall, "The Glass Key" remains a well-regarded entry in the film noir genre, offering a gripping tale of politics, corruption, and loyalty. Its compelling performances, intricate plot, and stylish presentation make it a memorable and influential film from the golden age of Hollywood.
The Glass Key
Year : 1942
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Stuart Heisler
Top Billing Cast:  Veronica Lake as Janet Henry Alan Ladd as Ed Beaumont Norma Varden as Henrys' Dinner Guest Brian Donlevy as Paul Madvig

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The Glass Key Trivia

  1. Actor Alan Ladd, known for his aloofness, formed lasting friendships with some of his co-stars, especially William Bendix, who accidentally knocked Ladd unconscious during a fight scene. Their friendship was strained later due to an offhand remark made by Ladd's wife about Bendix's military service, but they reconciled before Ladd's untimely death.
  2. During the filming, William Bendix accidentally connected a punch to Alan Ladd's character, knocking him unconscious in one of the scenes.
  3. Akira Kurosawa, the renowned director, cited this film as an inspiration for his movie Yojimbo (1961).
  4. The set elements used in Clyde Matthews' summer house were reused from the "Holiday Inn" house and later in the movie, I Married a Witch (1942).
  5. The title "The Glass Key" refers to an act or experience that cannot be reversed or forgotten, symbolizing a key made of glass that shatters after use, preventing one from leaving the room.
  6. Patricia Morison was originally cast in the movie but was replaced by Veronica Lake before filming began.
  7. The song "I Don't Want to Walk Without You," sung by Lillian Randolph in the Basement Club scene, was a hit in 1942 and had a brief comeback in the 1980s.
  8. In the movie, Ed brushes his teeth in a way that was common at the time, by sucking toothpaste from the tube and swishing it around before brushing.
  9. "The Screen Guild Theater" broadcast a radio adaptation of the movie with Alan Ladd reprising his film role.
  10. Dashiell Hammett's novel, "The Glass Key," was adapted twice for film in Hollywood and once for a radio production directed by and starring Orson Welles.
  11. Some actors listed in studio records did not appear in the movie, including Edward Peil Sr., Al Hill, and Tom Dugan.
  12. The film was part of the Paramount Productions sold to MCA/Universal in 1958 for television distribution and has since been owned by Universal. It had its earliest telecast in Seattle in 1959 and has been occasionally shown on Turner Classic Movies.
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