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Storyline:   "The Invoking 2" is a horror anthology film that weaves together several chilling and interconnected stories, each exploring the haunting consequences of meddling with the supernatural. The film introduces a common thread a mysterious book that serves as a gateway to the paranormal, bringing terror and despair to those who encounter it. The Seance: The story begins with a group of friends who attempt to contact the spirit of a deceased loved one through a seance. As they delve into the otherworldly, they unwittingly open a door to malevolent entities, leading to a series of terrifying events that force them to confront the consequences of their actions. Paranormal Investigators: A husband-and-wife paranormal investigative team explores a haunted house with a dark history. As they document their findings, they inadvertently become entangled in the supernatural forces at play. The couple must navigate the blurred lines between reality and the supernatural as they face malevolent entities determined to trap them within the house forever.

The Possession: A troubled young woman discovers an antique mirror at an estate sale. Unbeknownst to her, the mirror harbors a demonic entity that begins to possess her. As her life unravels, a priest with a dark past is brought in to perform an exorcism, leading to a harrowing battle between good and evil. The Witch's Lair: A group of friends embarks on a camping trip in the woods, only to stumble upon an abandoned cabin with a dark history. Inside, they find remnants of a witch's ritual and inadvertently awaken an ancient evil. The group must confront their deepest fears as they try to escape the clutches of the malevolent force that has been unleashed. "The Invoking 2" weaves these tales together, creating a tapestry of horror that explores the consequences of dabbling in the supernatural. The film keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with its atmospheric tension, eerie visuals, and a pervasive sense of dread. As the characters face the repercussions of their encounters with the paranormal, the film builds towards a spine-chilling climax that will leave viewers questioning the boundaries between the living and the dead.
The Invoking 2
Year : 2015
Genre : Horror
IMDB Rating: 3
Director: Jamie DeWolf, Jay Holben, Corey Norman
Top Billing Cast:  Asher Kennedy, Iara Mandyn, Will Urbina

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The Invoking 2 Trivia

  1. "The Invoking 2" is a 2015 horror anthology film, serving as a sequel to the 2013 film "The Invoking."
  2. Directed by Jamie DeWolf, the film features several interconnected supernatural stories.
  3. The anthology format presents different tales, each exploring a distinct aspect of horror.
  4. The film includes segments directed by various filmmakers, contributing to its diverse storytelling.
  5. Themes of paranormal activity, possession, and psychological horror are prevalent throughout the anthology.
  6. The movie delves into the dark and unsettling realms of supernatural occurrences, building tension and suspense.
  7. As a sequel, "The Invoking 2" expands on the mythology introduced in the first film while introducing new elements.
  8. The anthology approach allows for a variety of horror sub-genres, catering to a broader audience.
  9. While not a big-budget production, the film received praise for its effective scares and atmospheric storytelling.
  10. "The Invoking 2" is part of the horror genre's trend towards anthology films, offering viewers a collection of eerie and chilling tales within a single cinematic experience.
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