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Storyline:   "Song of Back and Neck" is a 2018 independent comedy-drama film written and directed by Paul Lieberstein, who is known for his role as Toby Flenderson on the American version of the TV show "The Office." The film explores themes of love, pain, and personal growth, with a unique twist. The story follows the character of Fred Trolleycar, portrayed by Paul Lieberstein himself, who is an ordinary office worker struggling with chronic back and neck pain. Fred's life is marked by discomfort and frustration until he meets the charismatic and free-spirited Regan (played by Rosemarie DeWitt).

The film is characterized by its blend of humor and heart, as it delves into the quirky and heartfelt connection between Fred and Regan. As their relationship develops, Fred embarks on a journey of self-discovery and healing, both physically and emotionally. "Song of Back and Neck" is known for its exploration of pain, both physical and emotional, and the ways in which individuals cope with adversity and find love and acceptance. The film offers a unique and often lighthearted take on personal growth and transformation, with a focus on the challenges that can come with chronic pain. While "Song of Back and Neck" may not be as well-known as big-budget Hollywood productions, it has found an audience that appreciates its offbeat humor and the portrayal of relatable human experiences. The film showcases Paul Lieberstein's talent as a writer and director in the realm of independent cinema.
Song Of Back And Neck
Year : 2018
Genre : Comedy, Romance
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Paul Lieberstein
Top Billing Cast:  Rosemarie DeWitt as Regan Brian d'Arcy James as Stone Paul Feig as Dr. Street Ryan Lee as Ryan

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Song Of Back And Neck Trivia

  1. Unique Premise: "Song of Back and Neck" delves into a unique and rarely explored premise – chronic back pain. The film's protagonist, Fred Trolleycar, suffers from chronic back and neck pain, which is portrayed in a lighthearted and comedic manner.
  2. Paul Lieberstein: The film is written and directed by Paul Lieberstein, who is best known for his role as Toby Flenderson on the popular TV series "The Office." He also plays the lead character, Fred Trolleycar, in the film.
  3. Personal Connection: Paul Lieberstein drew inspiration from his own experiences with back pain when developing the film's concept. This personal connection adds authenticity to the storyline.
  4. Exploration of Pain: The film humorously but insightfully explores the challenges and frustrations of living with chronic pain, as Fred tries various unconventional methods to alleviate his condition.
  5. Love Story: While the film's premise revolves around pain, it's also a love story. Fred forms a connection with Regan, played by Rosemarie DeWitt, who becomes an essential part of his journey.
  6. Quirky Characters: "Song of Back and Neck" introduces a range of quirky characters, each of whom brings a unique perspective to Fred's life.
  7. Independent Production: The film was produced independently, allowing the filmmakers creative freedom in their storytelling.
  8. Humorous Approach: Despite its focus on pain, the film takes a humorous approach, using comedy to address a challenging and often sensitive subject.
  9. Festival Premiere: The movie premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, where it received some attention and positive reviews.
  10. Character Development: The film's characters experience personal growth and transformation throughout the story, making it a character-driven narrative.
  11. Relationship Dynamics: "Song of Back and Neck" explores the dynamics of relationships, particularly those involving family and romantic partners.
  12. Balance of Comedy and Drama: The film strikes a balance between comedy and drama, using humor to address deeper emotional and personal themes.
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