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Storyline:   "The Violent Years" is a 1956 American exploitation film directed by William M. Morgan. The movie is known for its provocative and controversial content, which was typical of exploitation cinema during this era. The film revolves around a group of delinquent teenage girls led by Paula Parkins (played by Jean Moorhead). These young women come from affluent families but engage in criminal activities, including robbery, vandalism, and violence. Paula is the daughter of a wealthy newspaper publisher, and her gang's activities are fueled by a desire for rebellion and thrills. The plot unfolds as Paula and her gang embark on a series of increasingly dangerous and criminal exploits, all while dealing with their personal relationships and desires. As their activities escalate, they become entangled in a web of violence and criminality.

"The Violent Years" is characterized by its sensationalized and moralistic depiction of delinquent youth and the idea of young women engaging in criminal behavior. The film explores themes of teenage rebellion and the allure of a life of crime, while also delivering a moral message about the consequences of delinquency. The film is part of the exploitation cinema tradition, which often aimed to shock and titillate audiences with its provocative content. "The Violent Years" was made during a time when such films were popular in drive-in theaters and grindhouse cinemas. While the film may not be celebrated for its cinematic quality, it is appreciated by some for its historical and cultural significance as a product of a bygone era in cinema. "The Violent Years" reflects the social anxieties and preoccupations of its time, making it a curious artifact of 1950s exploitation cinema.
The Violent Years
Year : 1956
IMDB Rating: 3
Director: William Morgan
Top Billing Cast:  I. Stanford Jolley as Judge Clara

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The Violent Years Trivia

  1. In the film, the four girls adopt male names to act like a violent gang of men. Paula becomes Paul, Geraldine becomes Gerry, Phyllis becomes Phil, and Georgia becomes George.
  2. The girl attacked in the park is named "Shirley," which was also Edward D. Wood Jr.'s cross-dressing name and was more prominently featured in his later films.
  3. The industrial band Ministry sampled dialogue from the film in their song "So What?" on the album "The Mind is a Terrible Thing To Taste." The sampled dialogue includes lines such as "Kill for a thrill," "Kill for the love of killing," "You have had all that money can give you, but that wasn't enough," "You became a thrill seeker...," and "This thrill seeking became the one great thing in your life, piling one thrill on another until a murder."
  4. It's important to note that the Glen Corbett appearing in this film is not the same actor as the better-known Glenn Corbett who entered films in 1959.
  5. The movie was featured on "Mystery Science Theater 3000" during its sixth season (1994-95), with Mike Nelson and the bots providing humorous commentary throughout the film.
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