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Storyline:   "The Million Eyes of Sumuru" is a 1967 British spy film directed by Lindsay Shonteff. The movie is based on a character created by Sax Rohmer and follows the adventures of Sumuru (played by Shirley Eaton), a seductive and ruthless female villain who leads an all-female society called the City of Femina. Sumuru, a beautiful and enigmatic criminal mastermind, seeks to establish a world order in which women dominate and men are subservient. She recruits a group of female agents, known as the Million Eyes, to help execute her plans for global domination. When the film's protagonist, an intrepid American spy named Jeff Sutton (played by Frankie Avalon), becomes aware of Sumuru's activities, he sets out on a mission to thwart her plans. Sutton teams up with an undercover British agent, Sir Anthony (played by George Nader), to infiltrate Sumuru's organization and gather intelligence. As Sutton and Sir Anthony delve deeper into the City of Femina, they encounter a variety of deadly traps, beautiful but dangerous women, and high-stakes espionage. Their mission becomes increasingly treacherous as they face off against Sumuru and her henchmen, risking their lives to save the world from her sinister vision.

"The Million Eyes of Sumuru" combines elements of spy thriller, science fiction, and campy adventure. The film features exotic locations, glamorous costumes, and a touch of 1960s sensibilities. It showcases Shirley Eaton in the role of the seductive and cunning Sumuru, known for her previous appearance in the James Bond film "Goldfinger." With its over-the-top characters, outlandish plot, and playful approach to the spy genre, "The Million Eyes of Sumuru" offers an entertaining and kitschy viewing experience. It represents a time when spy movies embraced the camp and spectacle of the era, capturing the spirit of 1960s cinema. While not widely regarded as a critical success, "The Million Eyes of Sumuru" holds a cult following among fans of classic spy films and lovers of eccentric and offbeat cinema. It remains an interesting relic of its time, showcasing the unique blend of action, adventure, and exaggerated characterizations that defined many films of the 1960s.
The Million Eyes Of Sumuru
Year : 1967
Genre : Action, Adventure
IMDB Rating: 4
Director: Lindsay Shonteff
Top Billing Cast:  Shirley Eaton as Sumuru Frankie Avalon as Tommy Carter Klaus Kinski as President Boong Wilfrid Hyde-White as Colonel Baisbrook

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The Million Eyes Of Sumuru Trivia

  1. Shirley Eaton reprised her role as Sumuru in Jesús Franco's "The Girl from Rio" (1969), embracing the opportunity to portray the wicked character in two rather poorly received films, a departure from her previous roles. However, she retired from acting shortly thereafter.

  2. Director Lindsay Shonteff revealed in a 1994 interview that Klaus Kinski, known for his eccentricities, had several unusual ideas for his character President Boong. These included scenarios such as climbing out from underneath a pile of cushions whenever someone entered the room and an abnormally long tongue emerging from his mouth to try and lick the face of a pretty girl. Unfortunately, these ideas did not make it into the final cut, but sharp-eyed viewers may notice hints of Kinski's tongue beginning to appear in certain scenes.

  3. Klaus Kinski's voice in the film is dubbed by Robert Rietty, adding an additional layer of vocal interpretation to his character.

  4. "The Million Eyes of Sumuru" is based on a series of novels by Sax Rohmer, which revolve around the exploits of a megalomaniac femme fatale.

  5. The film is set to be featured as an experiment in Season 13 of Mystery Science Theater 3000, a popular TV show known for providing humorous commentary on B-movies.

  6. "The Million Eyes of Sumuru" was also featured during the KTMA season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, showcasing its enduring status as a cult classic and an entertaining choice for comedic critique.

  7. The film, released in the USA by American International Pictures on May 17, 1967, also had a UK release through Warner-Pathé on December 3 under the simplified title "Sumuru." The varying release dates highlight its distribution and international reach.

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