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Storyline:   "The Red Shoes" is a 1948 British drama film directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. The movie tells the story of a young ballerina named Victoria Page (played by Moira Shearer) and her journey to fulfill her passion for dance while navigating the challenges of love and artistic pursuit. Victoria Page is a talented and ambitious dancer who catches the attention of Boris Lermontov (played by Anton Walbrook), the charismatic and demanding impresario of the prestigious ballet company called the Ballet Lermontov. Lermontov offers her the opportunity to join his company and become the lead dancer. As Victoria rises to prominence in the world of ballet, she is cast in the lead role of the ballet "The Red Shoes," a tale of a young woman compelled to dance herself to death by a pair of enchanted red shoes. The ballet becomes a central metaphor in the film, symbolizing the sacrifices and demands of an artist's life.

However, Victoria finds herself torn between her love for ballet and her blossoming romantic relationship with Julian Craster (played by Marius Goring), a talented composer who is working on the music for "The Red Shoes." As her dedication to dance clashes with her desire for personal happiness, Victoria must make difficult choices that will shape her future. "The Red Shoes" is a visually stunning film that combines elements of drama, romance, and ballet. It showcases breathtaking dance sequences choreographed by Robert Helpmann and features an original score composed by Brian Easdale. The film's use of Technicolor cinematography creates a vibrant and mesmerizing visual experience. Through its compelling characters and captivating storytelling, "The Red Shoes" explores the conflict between artistic fulfillment and personal relationships, the sacrifices made in pursuit of one's passion, and the profound effects of artistic expression on an individual's life. Regarded as a classic in the realm of cinema and ballet, "The Red Shoes" remains an enduring masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences with its exquisite performances, lavish production design, and thought-provoking themes about the price of artistic greatness.
The Red Shoes
Year : 1948
Genre : Drama, Music, Romance
IMDB Rating: 8
Director: Michael Powell
Top Billing Cast:  Leslie Phillips as Audience member Patrick Troughton as BBC radio announcer Robert Helpmann as Ivan Boleslawsky Moira Shearer as Victoria Page

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The Red Shoes Trivia

  1. The production of the title ballet sequence in "The Red Shoes" was a time-consuming endeavor, spanning six weeks of shooting. The sequence employed the artistic talents of Hein Heckroth, who created over 120 paintings to enhance the visual aesthetic.
  2. The captivating dancing newspaper featured in the film was achieved through meticulous editing and the strategic use of wires, showcasing the creativity and attention to detail behind its realization.
  3. Director Martin Scorsese holds "The Red Shoes" in high regard, considering it one of his favorite films. His admiration for the movie is reflected in his extensive collection of memorabilia related to the film. Scorsese's collection includes coveted items such as a pair of red slippers autographed by Moira Shearer, a screenplay signed by directors Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, an original set of storyboards gifted by Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, and various movie posters from around the world. Film enthusiasts can explore Scorsese's impressive collection on the Criterion Collection's DVD/Blu-ray release of the film.
  4. An intriguing personal connection arose from the film when Ludovic Kennedy, upon seeing Moira Shearer's performance, felt an instant connection and knew she was the woman he would marry. Two years later, Kennedy and Shearer tied the knot in February 1950 at the Chapel Royal in London's Hampton Court Palace.
  5. The innovative use of point-of-view whip pans (rapid camera pans) in the first fight scene between Jake LaMotta and Sugar Ray Robinson in Martin Scorsese's "Raging Bull" was inspired by the POV whip pans capturing Vicky's pirouettes during her performance at the Mercury Theatre in "The Red Shoes." This cinematic influence showcases the enduring impact of "The Red Shoes" on future filmmakers.
  6. Moira Shearer faced physical challenges during the filming of "The Red Shoes." On her first day of shooting, she suffered from severe sunburn and developed a blister on her back. Additionally, she experienced a neck injury while performing a leap from a window, resulting in a scratch that turned into an abscess. Shearer endured extensive periods suspended in a harness, enduring wind machines for up to eight hours, showcasing her dedication and resilience as an actress.
  7. Anton Walbrook's character, Lermontov, is often regarded as a representation of ballet impresario Sergei Diaghilev, known for his association with Vaslav Nijinsky. Diaghilev infamously dismissed Nijinsky and his prima ballerina, Romola de Pulszky, from the Ballet Russes in 1913 after learning of their marriage. In "The Red Shoes," Lermontov's recurrent dismissals of dancers who engage in romantic relationships parallel this historical event. While Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger acknowledged the Diaghilev influence, they also noted that Lermontov represented their first significant mentor, Alexander Korda.
  8. "The Red Shoes" holds the prestigious position of #9 in the "BFI 100," a compilation by the British Film Institute of the 100 best British films ever, as determined in 1999/2000. This ranking emphasizes the film's enduring cultural and artistic significance.
  9. Gene Kelly, renowned for his own contributions to the world of dance in film, held "The Red Shoes" in high regard. He repeatedly watched the film and encouraged both MGM and Metro executives to appreciate its beauty. Kelly's admiration for "The Red Shoes" played a role in persuading the executives to greenlight "An American in Paris," a film that drew inspiration from the artistic qualities of "The Red Shoes."
  10. Herbert T. Kalmus and Natalie Kalmus, the founders of Technicolor, regarded "The Red Shoes" as an exemplary demonstration of the Three-Strip Technicolor process. However, during filming, Natalie Kalmus expressed dissatisfaction with Jack Cardiff's departure from the established Technicolor guidelines, leading to requests for reshoots. Nonetheless, Michael Powell consistently supported Cardiff's vision, resulting in the realization of the film they desired.
  11. Jack Cardiff, the film's cinematographer, deliberately manipulated camera speed during the Red Shoes ballet sequence to create the illusion of dancers suspended mid-air during their jumps. This technical choice contributed to the ethereal and mesmerizing quality of the ballet performance.
  12. Despite eventually becoming an iconic figure associated with "The Red Shoes," Moira Shearer initially hesitated to take part in the film. She held out for a year before ultimately accepting the role. Interestingly, Shearer did not hold a favorable opinion of Michael Powell, later describing the filmmaking process as a grueling ordeal. She mentioned Powell's distant and aloof demeanor, providing minimal direction. Furthermore, the physical toll of dancing for hours on concrete floors caused swelling in the legs of the dancers involved in the production.
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