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Storyline:   "White Noise 2: The Light" is a 2007 supernatural thriller directed by Patrick Lussier. Serving as a standalone sequel to the 2005 film "White Noise," this movie explores the themes of life, death, and the supernatural. The story follows Abe Dale (played by Nathan Fillion), a widower who miraculously survives a near-death experience. Following this event, Abe discovers that he has gained the ability to see and communicate with the spirits of people who are about to die. These spirits appear to him as eerie, shadowy figures known as "whisperers." Driven by a desire to save these people from their imminent demise, Abe becomes consumed by his newfound mission. He delves into a world of premonitions, investigating the circumstances surrounding these individuals' deaths and attempting to alter their fates.

As Abe's actions become increasingly desperate, he crosses paths with a skeptical police officer, Detective Smits (played by Katee Sackhoff), who questions the validity of his claims. Together, they unravel a mysterious connection between the whisperers and a dark secret from Abe's past. "White Noise 2: The Light" explores the thin line between life and death, the existence of an afterlife, and the consequences of tampering with fate. The film delves into the psychological and moral dilemmas faced by Abe as he grapples with the supernatural forces at play and confronts the question of whether he is destined to be a savior or a pawn in a larger cosmic plan. With its atmospheric tone, suspenseful sequences, and thought-provoking narrative, "White Noise 2: The Light" offers a haunting exploration of the supernatural and the human desire for control over the mysteries of life and death.
White Noise 2: The Light
Year : 2007
Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Horror
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Patrick Lussier
Top Billing Cast:  Katee Sackhoff as Sherry Clarke Nathan Fillion as Abe Dale Cory Monteith as Scooter Guy Quinn Lord as Henry Caine's Son

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White Noise 2: The Light Trivia

  1. The predecessor of this film, White Light, faced harsh criticism from reviewers, yet it turned out to be a box office hit. Interestingly, this sequel received positive reviews from critics, but unfortunately, it didn't fare well financially.
  2. Around 22 minutes into the movie, one of Abe's friends delivers a line that goes, "That sure sounds like some kind of Captain Tight Pants b*** s*** to me." Coincidentally, in the "Firefly" episode titled Shindig (2002), Kaylee refers to Nathan Fillion's character, Mal, as "Captain Tight Pants."
  3. Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff, portraying the characters Abe and Sherry, visit a bar called O'Malleys. It's worth noting that this is the same bar frequently featured in the series Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (1998), where Nathan Fillion plays the role of Johnny Donnelly.
  4. When the film was shipped to cinemas in the UK, it was given the title "Brooks Noise," adding a unique touch to its distribution.
  5. In this movie, William MacDonald's character is named "Dr. Karras." Interestingly, "Karras" is also the surname of Jason Miller's character in the supernatural horror masterpiece The Exorcist (1973). It appears to be a subtle homage or reference to the iconic film.
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