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Wrath Of Daimajin

Wrath Of Daimajin

Year : 1966
Genre : Fantasy
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Kazuo Mori
Top Billing Cast:  Hideki Ninomiya, Shinji Hori, Masahide Iizuka
About:  "Wrath of Daimajin" is a 1966 Japanese kaiju film and the third installment in the Daimajin film series. The series is known for its unique blend of kaiju (giant monster) and samurai elements. The Daimajin films are set in feudal Japan and follow a recurring theme. Each film features a giant stone statue named Daimajin that comes to life in times of great injustice or crisis to protect the innocent and punish the wicked. In "Wrath of Daimajin," the story is set in a remote mountain village. The villagers are oppressed by a tyrannical warlord and his ruthless henchmen.

When the villagers pray to Daimajin for help, the stone deity awakens and embarks on a rampage of destruction to bring retribution to the oppressors. The film is characterized by its combination of traditional Japanese samurai drama, kaiju action, and supernatural elements. Daimajin's slow but unstoppable march and destructive power are key elements of the film's appeal. "Wrath of Daimajin" and the other films in the Daimajin series are appreciated by fans of kaiju and Japanese cinema for their unique take on the genre, blending elements of giant monster movies with historical and cultural aspects of Japan. The films are a distinctive and memorable part of the kaiju subgenre.
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Wrath Of Daimajin Trivia

  1. All three "Daimajin" movies were made at the same time but were released over a span of nine months in April, August, and December 1966.
  2. This is the only Majin film that wasn't released in the United States during the 1960s. It first appeared on American home video in the 1990s. It was also the only one of the series to not have an English dub until 2012 when a dub was finally created and released on Blu-ray in America by Mill Creek Entertainment.
  3. When the three Majin films were released on video by ADV Films in the 1990s, this film was given the title "Return of Daimajin," which is actually the title for the second Majin film, while the second film received the third film's title. This was corrected when they were re-released on DVD in 2005.

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