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Storyline:   "Bite" is a Canadian horror film released in 2015. It was directed by Chad Archibald and is known for its focus on body horror. The film centers on Casey, a bride-to-be who is bitten by an unknown creature while on her bachelorette trip to Costa Rica. After returning home, Casey's condition begins to deteriorate, and she undergoes a horrifying transformation. As her body mutates and she develops a taste for blood, Casey's life spirals out of control. She hides her condition from her fiancĂ© and friends while struggling to come to terms with her new, monstrous nature.

"Bite" is notable for its gruesome and visceral depiction of body horror, with the gradual and unsettling transformation of the main character being a central focus of the film. The movie explores themes of transformation, addiction, and the fear of losing one's humanity. While "Bite" may not have achieved mainstream recognition, it has found a following among horror enthusiasts who appreciate films that delve into grotesque and unsettling territory. It's a film that pushes the boundaries of body horror and can be a disturbing and intense experience for those who enjoy this subgenre of horror.
Year : 2015
Genre : Horror
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: Chad Archibald
Top Billing Cast:  Elma Begovic, Annette Wozniak, Denise Yuen

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Bite Trivia

  1. During the world premiere of "Bite" at the Fantasia Film Festival, reports emerged of two individuals fainting and one audience member experiencing nausea and vomiting.

  2. On the day of the Spanish premiere of "Bite," director Chad Archibald celebrated his wedding in Spain. In a unique twist, Chad and his wedding party graced the screening event, with his newlywed wife tossing her bouquet into the delighted audience.

  3. An ambulance was urgently summoned to one of the film's premieres after an attendee sustained an injury while trying to exit the venue. Furthermore, two other spectators experienced fainting spells, and an additional individual became unwell.

  4. "Bite" earned the honor of gracing the cover of the November/December 2015 editions of the UK-based Scream Magazine.

  5. Caroline Palmer and Tianna Nori made special cameo appearances as Hannah and Joanne, respectively. Interestingly, they had previously portrayed characters bearing the same names in "The Drownsman" (2014) and "The Sublet" (2015), both of which were produced by "Bite" (2015) director Chad Archibald.

  6. Around the 10-minute mark, keen-eyed viewers can spot issue #336 of the renowned horror magazine "Fangoria" resting on a desk. This particular issue featured Laura, an enigmatic insectoid creature from "The Evil Within" (2014).

  7. In Spain, "Bite" had an exclusive premiere solely in Madrid at the Artistic Metropol venue, where it ran for a single day in a subtitled version.

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