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Storyline:   "Alexander the Great" is a 1956 historical drama film directed by Robert Rossen. The movie is a biographical portrayal of the life and conquests of Alexander the Great, one of history's most renowned military leaders and rulers. The film follows the life of Alexander (played by Richard Burton), from his early years as the heir to the throne of Macedonia to his remarkable military campaigns and the founding of his vast empire. It explores his relationships with his parents, King Philip II (played by Fredric March) and Queen Olympias (played by Danielle Darrieux), as well as his close friendship with Hephaestion (played by Barry Jones) and his rivalry with his father. As Alexander grows into adulthood, he embarks on a series of military campaigns that take him and his armies across Asia, including the conquest of Persia and Egypt. The film delves into the complexities of Alexander's character, his ambition, and the toll his conquests take on his personal life and the lives of those around him.

"Alexander the Great" is characterized by its epic scope, elaborate costumes, and large-scale battle sequences. It portrays the historical events and battles with a focus on the personal and political struggles that shaped Alexander's life and rule. The film also delves into his relationship with the Persian princess Barsine (played by Claire Bloom) and his ultimate desire to create a united world under his rule. Richard Burton delivers a charismatic and commanding performance as Alexander, capturing the character's charisma, ambition, and the weight of his responsibilities as a leader. The film's supporting cast, including Fredric March and Claire Bloom, adds depth to the narrative. While "Alexander the Great" is a classic epic film, it is worth noting that it takes creative liberties with historical accuracy, as many biographical films do. It offers a cinematic portrayal of one of history's most legendary figures and his enduring legacy as a military conqueror and empire-builder.
Alexander The Great
Year : 1956
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Robert Rossen
Top Billing Cast:  Christopher Lee as Nectenabus Richard Burton as Alexander Peter Cushing as General Memnon Claire Bloom as Barsine

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Alexander The Great Trivia

  1. Helmut Dantine's Egyptian soothsayer in the film was dubbed by Sir Christopher Lee, although uncredited.
  2. Danielle Darrieux, who portrayed Richard Burton's mother in the film, was only eight years older than him.
  3. Despite being close friends since their teenage years, this film marked the only time that Richard Burton and Stanley Baker acted together in a movie. Burton later recorded narration for Baker's movie "Zulu" (1964).
  4. Richard Burton, who was twenty-nine years old at the time of filming, faced criticism for looking too old to play Alexander, who was supposed to be a teenager for the first part of the film.
  5. Charlton Heston declined the title role, citing, "Alexander is the easiest kind of picture to make badly."
  6. Richard Burton expressed dissatisfaction with the final film, which influenced his initial reluctance to accept the role of Mark Antony in "Cleopatra" (1963) due to his low opinion of historical epics.
  7. Richard Burton, Stanley Baker, and other male members of the cast, known for their hairiness, underwent complete grooming for the film.
  8. Writer, producer, and director Robert Rossen initially intended the movie to run three hours with an intermission but was disappointed when it was cut to two hours and twenty-three minutes.
  9. Stanley Baker's death scene was filmed but ultimately cut from the finished movie.
  10. Richard Burton's estate refused the rights to show scenes from this film in the documentary "The Celluloid Closet" (1995).
  11. Peter Wyngarde originally tested for the lead role of Alexander but ended up in the smaller role of Pausanias.
  12. Between 5,000 and 6,000 Spanish extras were hired for the film.
  13. According to Penny Junor's biography, Richard Burton had an intimate encounter with Claire Bloom in a stream in front of the cast and crew.
  14. This film marked the credited theatrical movie debut of Peter Wyngarde in the role of Pausanias.
  15. 1950s Spain was considered an unconvincing setting for a film set in Ancient Greece.
  16. Robert Rossen, the writer, producer, and director of the film, was encouraged by photojournalist Sam Shaw to consider John Cassavetes for the title role. While Rossen rejected Cassavetes, they later became close friends and collaborators on "Shadows" (1958), Cassavetes' directorial debut.
  17. The film has an Average Shot Length (ASL) of approximately 7 seconds in the two-hour and fifteen-minute version.
  18. Irene Papas, who auditioned for a part in the film, revealed in a 1969 interview that she usually did not get the roles she auditioned for.
  19. "Alexander the Great" received a "U" certificate from the British Board of Film Censors on March 16, 1956, and had a Royal World Premiere on March 22, 1956, attended by Princess Alexandra of Kent. It ran for six weeks at the Odeon, Leicester Square, and was generally released from May 14, 1956.
  20. Niall McGinnis portrayed Philip's General Parmenio in the film and specialized in various sword 'n' sandal-type characters over four decades, adding depth to his roles in both A and B level pictures.
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