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Storyline:   "Life on the Line" is a 2015 action drama film directed by David Hackl. The movie centers around the dangerous and challenging lives of electrical linemen who work to repair and maintain power lines, often under hazardous conditions. The story follows Beau Ginner (played by John Travolta), a seasoned lineman who has faced numerous life-threatening situations while on the job. He is joined by his crew, including his niece Bailey (played by Kate Bosworth) and friend Duncan (played by Devon Sawa), as they work to restore power during a massive storm. Amid the intense and often perilous work, Beau and his team must also deal with personal challenges and struggles. Bailey is determined to prove herself in a male-dominated field, while Beau is haunted by past traumas, including the loss of his brother.

"Life on the Line" delves into the physical and emotional demands of the linemen's job and the close-knit community that forms among them. The film showcases the camaraderie, courage, and dedication of these workers as they put their lives on the line to keep the lights on for the public. John Travolta's performance as Beau captures the character's resilience and leadership qualities, while Kate Bosworth and Devon Sawa add depth to their roles as members of Beau's crew. The film's action sequences and portrayal of the high-stakes work of linemen contribute to its engaging and intense atmosphere. While "Life on the Line" may not have garnered widespread critical acclaim, it offers a unique perspective on a profession rarely depicted in mainstream cinema. The film shines a spotlight on the often overlooked heroes who ensure that society continues to function even during the most challenging circumstances.
Life On The Line
Year : 2015
Genre : Action, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: David Hackl
Top Billing Cast:  John Travolta, Kate Bosworth, Devon Sawa

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Life On The Line Trivia

  1. The movie ends with a reference to the Fallen Linemen Organization, highlighting the dangers and importance of the electrical line workers' job and their mission to support the families affected by their loss or injury.
  2. John Travolta and Devon Sawa later both starred in the film "The Fanatic" (2019).
  3. The movie was filmed at Gabby's Country Cabaret, a country bar in Langley, British Columbia, for a bar and fight scene.
  4. Director David Hackl previously worked with Julie Benz on "Saw V" (2008), and Louis Ferreira, who also appears in "Life on the Line," starred in "Saw IV" (2007), where Hackl served as a production designer.
  5. Bailey, a character in the movie, works at the Hilltop Cafe. The same cafe appears in David Hackl's previous film, "Into the Grizzly Maze."
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