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Storyline:   "Wildlike" is a 2014 independent drama film directed by Frank Hall Green. The movie tells the story of a troubled teenage girl named Mackenzie (played by Ella Purnell) who embarks on a wilderness adventure in Alaska. The film begins with Mackenzie's life in turmoil due to her mother's death and her estranged uncle's inappropriate behavior towards her. To escape her situation, Mackenzie is sent to live with her uncle in Alaska. However, she becomes increasingly uncomfortable and fearful of him. In a desperate bid to escape, Mackenzie flees into the Alaskan wilderness, where she encounters a backpacker named Bart (played by Bruce Greenwood). Bart is initially cautious but eventually decides to help Mackenzie as they embark on a challenging journey through the rugged landscape. Along the way, their bond grows, and they both find healing and solace in the untamed wilderness.

"Wildlike" is characterized by its poignant exploration of trauma, survival, and the healing power of nature. The film showcases the stunning Alaskan wilderness as a backdrop for the characters' journey, highlighting its beauty and danger. Ella Purnell delivers a compelling performance as Mackenzie, capturing the character's vulnerability and resilience. Bruce Greenwood's portrayal of Bart adds depth to the film's emotional core. While "Wildlike" may not have received widespread theatrical release or mainstream recognition, it has garnered positive reviews from those who appreciate emotionally charged dramas set against breathtaking natural landscapes. The film offers a moving and realistic portrayal of a troubled teenager's search for safety and self-discovery in the midst of the wilderness.
Year : 2014
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Frank Hall Green
Top Billing Cast:  Ella Purnell as Mackenzie Ann Dowd as Jeanie Brian Geraghty as Uncle Bruce Greenwood as Rene Bartlett

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Wildlike Trivia

  1. Writer and director Frank Hall Green drew inspiration from his own experiences when crafting the character Bart's journey in the film. In 2003, he embarked on an 8-day backpacking trip in Denali National Park with his wife, and many of the locations featured in Bart's adventure were the exact places where they camped.
  2. British actress Ella Purnell fully immersed herself in her role, maintaining her American English accent from the moment she arrived in Alaska until the completion of production, which spanned 6 weeks. This commitment to her character extended to every aspect of her daily life during that period.
  3. The polar bear seen at the Juneau airport at the beginning of the film had a previous home at the airport in Spokane, Washington. This connection was noted by a Spokane resident during a Q&A session, highlighting the film's ties to the locations where it was screened and recognized with awards.
  4. Alaskan Adventure: "Wildlike" is set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Alaskan wilderness, and the film takes full advantage of the stunning natural scenery to enhance its storytelling.
  5. Independent Production: The film was produced independently, which allowed the filmmakers to take creative risks and explore the emotional depth of the characters.
  6. Intimate Storytelling: While the film's setting is expansive, it primarily focuses on the intimate relationship that develops between the two main characters, Mackenzie and Rene.
  7. Character-Driven: "Wildlike" is a character-driven story that delves into the emotional trauma faced by the young protagonist, Mackenzie, and the healing process that occurs during her journey with Rene.
  8. Authentic Performances: The film features authentic and moving performances by the cast, particularly Ella Purnell, who plays Mackenzie, and Bruce Greenwood, who plays Rene.
  9. Sensitivity to Sensitive Topics: The film addresses sensitive topics such as child abuse and trauma with a degree of sensitivity and realism, adding depth to the characters' experiences.
  10. Nature as a Metaphor: The Alaskan wilderness serves as a metaphor for both the physical and emotional journey of the characters. It reflects their isolation, vulnerability, and the possibility of rebirth.
  11. Critical Acclaim: "Wildlike" received positive reviews from critics, who praised its performances, cinematography, and the emotional resonance of the story.
  12. Limited Release: The film had a limited theatrical release but gained recognition and popularity through film festivals and word-of-mouth recommendations.
  13. Exploration of Trust: The movie explores themes of trust and the restoration of faith in humanity, as Mackenzie learns to trust Rene despite her initial reservations.
  14. Growth and Healing: "Wildlike" is ultimately a story of personal growth and healing, as both Mackenzie and Rene confront their pasts and find solace in the wilderness.
  15. Cultural Exploration: The film briefly explores the indigenous culture of Alaska, providing insight into the native people and their connection to the land.
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